Lance Stewart is a comedian, influencer and content producer. He began his career on Vine and was named one of the 30 Most Popular Vine Stars in the World by Business Insider in 2015, and was listed on Huffington Post’s “10 Best Vines of 2014” list.
His digital presence has since spread across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook where he has a fanbase of 12+ million; a notable reach that landed him on Marketing Land’s “Top Video Creators List.”
Born and raised in New Jersey, Lance is currently living next door to his family home, which is often featured in his content. He also recently gotten engaged to his fiancé, Julia Summer who is also featured in many of his videos.
Lance continues to take on various entertainment endeavors, so be sure to follow him on all social platforms to stay up to date on his latest shenanigans!
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